How to approach internet dating for the first time


Thinking of signing up to Tinder or other forms of internet dating? Here are a few things to keep in mind before setting up that online dating account.

Know what you want
Whether you’re looking for a serious relationship or just a bit of fun, make sure you make it clear from the get go. You will then know what you want on your profile and it will make the task of finding a suitable partner a lot easier.

Be wary of who you meet
Sad but true, people will lie online. They could either post pictures of themselves from a few years ago or just strange pictures that don’t resemble them at all. Stay away from these people, if they’re willing to lie about their appearance, they’re probably willing to lie about other things too.

Open minded
While you need to be careful of who you meet online, it’s still important you don’t shoot people down completely before getting to know them. Make sure you decide not to meet someone for something detrimental, not just an insignificant detail like hair colour!

Don’t over analyse
Internet dating is supposed to be fun, so enjoy it for what it is and don’t get too hung up if doesn’t work out with the first match, there are plenty of more fish in the sea.