Can the scent of fruit help us make healthier food choices?

Psychologists at the University of Bourgogne in Dijon, France have released a study that reveals how smelling fruit before making a food choice can help us stick to healthier choices.

The study was conducted in two groups, one sat in a room fragrant with pears while the other sat in an unscented room.

Following this the two groups were presented with a three-course dinner. The smell of the fruit only affected how the dessert choices were made rather than the starter of the main course.

It showed how the room that was exposed to the fruit smell were more likely to make a healthy choice.

While more than half of the group sat in the fragrant room chose the fruity dessert option, three out of four of the other group chose the unhealthier option of a chocolate brownie.

Hmm, maybe that apple at the bottom of your bag may come in handy after all.