Household tips that will make your life a lot easier


Unless you are like Monica Geller, cleaning the house is probably the bane of your life. Unfortunately, it still needs to be done.

Thankfully, these tips will make it slightly easier:

Soap scum
So cleaning the bathroom is certainly not on our list of fun things to do either, but it must be done. Soap scum can be a nightmare to get off, particularly when it is on the walls of the shower. Simply grab a plastic scraper, you can get these in your local car shop, and just gently scrape it off.

Pet hair
While your dog may be the centre of your world, it doesn’t mean you have to tolerate their shedding. The easiest way to get pet hair off furniture is to use the sticky side of duct tape. Wrap the non sticky side around your hand and press onto the hair. Perfect.

No matter how often you may clean the kitchen, grease will build up and it is a nightmare to get off. However, we have a trick up our sleeves! Simply heat your sponge in the microwave for about 20 seconds, spray on your kitchen cleaner and wipe the grease away. The hot sponge will make it come off a lot easier.