House-hunting? This listing in Terenure has renters intrigued AF


Last year, we reported on a garden shed which had found its way onto

And oh, how we laughed.

But we're not laughing any more as its appears its cousin may just made an appearance on the popular property website as well.

Located in Terenure, this 'studio apartment' can be yours for a cool €850 a month, but if the photos are anything to go by, this residence bears a striking resemblance to a garden shed.

While it boasts its own private entrance and is fitted with an alarm, the listing, which also features an ensuite bathroom fitted with an electric power shower, definitely gave us pause here at SHEmazing HQ.

According to the advertisement, the residence is furnished with all-new modern appliances as well as a kitchen with hot plate, oven, kettle, toaster and microwave.

And while there's no doubting it looks like a pretty pleasant space to cosy up, its wooden interior and exterior have led many potential renters to question whether they may end up sharing with the lawnmower.

But if that's the least of your concerns right now, then it might be worth noting that it is available from September 1 2017.