Hotella Nutella is the perfect getaway for Nutella super-fans

No, you’re not dreaming — there really is a pop-up hotel dedicated to the deliciously addictive chocolate hazelnut spread, known as Hotella Nutella.

The specially themed hotel is located in Napa Valley, USA, and is completely kitted out with Nutella merchandise and products everywhere you turn.

Even when you roll up to the front entrance of the property, you’re greeted with a unique archway in the shape of a jar of Nutella. After walking through the front door, you’re immediately hit by that signature Nutella scent, due to various scented candles scattered about the lobby.


Of course no Hotella Nutella would be complete without a Nutella themed restaurant menu. Diners can enjoy a full five-course meal, with the delicious, chocolate hazelnut spread incorporated into each and every dish.

From cornmeal crepes, spread with Nutella, to oat biscuits, served with Nutella on the side, and a sweet potato and Nutella chiffon roulade cake for dessert, fans are sure to be left more than satisfied.

The guest rooms themselves are fully stocked with various Nutella themed merchandise, from throw pillows, to wall decals, branded bathrobes, and everything in between. Each room is also fully stocked with a basket of Nutella goodies and a toaster.

Guests can sit back and relax with a film in the hotel’s cinema room, which just so happens to show food themed films, such as Julie and Julia. If you’re thinking about taking a dip in the pool, sadly it’s not filled with Nutella — that might get a tad messy.

However, you can also enjoy the property’s jacuzzi, hedge labyrinth and vast mountain views.

It’s fair to say, this pop-up hotel might just be a Nutella lover’s dream holiday. Anyone want to come along?