Hollywood actress slapped with a restraining order


Lindsay Lohan has found herself at the centre of a real life courtroom drama.

The actress has been slapped with a restraining order preventing her and her brother, Michael, from working on their virtual closet app Vigme.

As we reported yesterday, the Mean Girls star and her brother had been accused of stealing tech developer Fima Potik’s app Spotted Friend, and were being sued for $60 million as a result.

Now, after the first stage of the court case, Lindsay and Michael have been temporarily ordered to cease launching, promoting or marketing their app.

According to Page Six, Potik is pleased with the case’s progress so far, with his lawyers saying: “This significant victory helps ensure that the Lohans will not profit from their illegal conduct at Spotted Friend’s expense.”

Lindsay and Michael were initially invited to collaborate on and help promote Spotted Friend, but after talks on their ownership share fell through, the pair went on to launch Vigme themselves.

Essentially an app that shows you what your favourite celebrities are wearing and how to purchase them, Vigme and Spotted Friend are uncannily similar products.

We'll keep you posted on the outcome of the case.