How to maintain the hobbies you started during the lockdown

Whether it’s baking, cooking, cycling or gardening, lockdown has allowed us all to start new passion projects – the extra downtime has been a welcome addition to our lives during an unprecedented time. 

But with lockdown measures easing across the world, people are slowly starting to enjoy things previously not allowed. The hobbies we picked up along the way might be put back on the shelf as we appreciate life post-lockdown.

Considering the positive impact hobbies have on our mental and physical health, it would be a shame to forget our newly found passion so soon. According to PhDr. Ivana Poku: “Hobbies have a positive impact on your mental and physical health, they give your breaks a purpose, relieve stress, and give you a sense of happiness regardless of your age.”

Discount code and charity fundraising website, Savoo has revealed some tips on how to maintain your newly found hobby after lockdown:

Painting: In the UK, painting has seen a 233% increase in Google search during self-isolation. As art galleries and museums begin to open on July 4, visiting them might be the inspiration you need to continue to pick up the paintbrush and put paint to paper. There are also numerous art classes that you can take online now to help master your skill.

Gardening: Gardening has seen a 232% growth during COVID-19. Visiting garden centres and spending time in your garden will you give you all the motivation you need to continue your newly found pastime.

Board Games: We have all become quite competitive during lockdown, searches for board games went up by 172%. Keep to a schedule by organising a monthly (or weekly) games night with your friends or family will help to make your hobby last outside lockdown. As we continue to expand our social bubble and we are able to see new people in person, you can challenge new opponents (friends), if you’re feeling uncertain about venturing out.

What hobbies did you pick up during lockdown?