Helen Flanagan admits ‘difficult relationship’ with ex Scott


Helen Flanagan has been sharing an insight into a recent mum-and-daughter date she had with her eight-year-old Matilda.

The former Coronation Street star is also a mum to five-year-old Deliliah and two-year-old Charlie. 

Helen shares her little ones with her ex-fiancé Scott Sinclair, whom she split up from in July 2022 after spending 13 years together. 

Now, Helen has admitted that she and Scott have a ‘difficult relationship’ amid co-parenting and revealed she feels ‘mum guilt’ at times. 

The 33-year-old posted a video of her daughter Matilda listening to live music to her 1M Instagram followers. 

In the caption of the post, Helen opened up about the day she and her eldest child spent together, confessing she was ‘emotional’ during the trip. 

“Matilda and I had a girls day on Saturday. Matilda wanted to go to the beauty and the beast afternoon tea @waldorfhilton and it was so lovely x I’m so proud of the beautiful girl Matilda is and how lovely and kind and fun she is and how well she adapts to change x”.

“I felt really emotional that day, a lot of personal things going on and it can be extremely emotionally draining co parenting when you have a difficult relationship x”.

“I couldn’t book online for some reason and Matilda really wanted to go, I had bad mum guilt as I’m up and down from London for work at the moment and I wanted Matilda to feel loved and special”.

Helen continued, “There was no tables available though and the couple behind me were so kind they could see how much my little girl wanted to go and they gave us their table x If you see this Thankyou my little girl was made up xxx”.

“I left my phone to try and be more present and lots of chats and cuddles and her beautiful little face. so grateful for Matilda, mummy got a bit teary but they were happy tears x”.

The former soap star then revealed, “I had therapy at the beginning of the year and I felt like I was able to come back to my natural self and not suppress my emotions and I let myself cry now x”.

“I felt a little bit lost before I had Matilda, when I had my baby girl it gave me a feeling of purpose and inspiration x Whenever I’m stuck in a situation and don’t know what to do, I think what would I want my daughter to do and I do that”.

Many fans took to the comments to send supportive messages to Helen amid her candid update.

One fan wrote, “Being a parent is the hardest job in the world. All you can do is your best. They love you and you love them that is always enough x”.

“You're a fab mummy, you should be proud”, penned a second social media user.