Heinz launching localised Irish cans to celebrate 121 years in Ireland.

To mark Heinz’s 121 year history in Ireland we conducted some research and uncovered that just over half, (53%) of Irish baked beans fans didn’t realise just how long Heinz has been in Ireland.

Through World Wars, recessions and now a 21st century pandemic, Heinz has always been here as a constant, reassuring food that Irish families have relied upon throughout the decades. Heinz Beanz first went on sale in Ireland way back in 1899, launching at Alex Findlater’s & Co stores in Dublin – making them the original baked bean in Ireland.

To mark the occasion, Heinz Beanz will release localised, limited edition Irish only labels via Heinz’s first online shop in Ireland: www.heinztohome.ie

The Heinz Beanz cans will be emblazoned with fourteen different variations of the ‘Beanz Meanz Heinz’ slogan, linked to different areas across Ireland. The exclusive designs will include: ‘Beanz Meanz…Cork.. Girl! or Beanz Meanz The Dubz, or Beanz Meanz Cíarrai to name a few.

Getting back to their research, we also revealed some interesting eating habits. Did you know that almost half (44%) of Irish adults eat baked beans at least once a week; whether cold from the can, or poured over some toast, our love affair with the humble baked bean is strong?

  • Speaking of beans on toast, 61% prefer their beans poured on top of toast and not on the side.
  • Baked bean sandwich anyone? Yes, it would seem the popularity of beans used as a spread on your bread is a thing, with 16% of people enjoying beans this way.
  • Beans are also most frequently eaten as part of a main evening meal (61%) as they are a perfect spur-of-the-moment choice (55%), with over 1 in 5 Irish adults (22%) viewing them as a weekly staple in their diet.
  • Contain the bean juice! According to 13% of respondents, beans must be kept in a separate bowl so that they don’t touch anything else on their plate!
  • Despite an almost unanimous 95% eating baked beans hot, over 1 in 10 (11%) regularly enjoy eating baked beans cold too.

11% of those aged 18-24 said that their mother still prepares their beans for them.

And 1 in 10 have seen friends and family making baked bean salads, that’s right.. baked bean salads! While almost 1 in 5 (17%) have heard of others adding them to their curry.

60% also love adding baked beans to a one-pot meal, with a chilli (25%) or stew (23%) the most likely, while almost 1 in 10 (7%) would add to a fish pie.

Connaught and Ulster eat more beans than anywhere else in Ireland, with over half (52%) eating them at least once a week, with more than one in 10 (11%) having them once a day. Followed by Leinster (44% of whom eat them at least once a week), Dublin (43%) and then Munster (39%).

Beanz fanz will be able to get their hands on these special cans through Heinz Ireland’s brand-new online shop from now, until stocks last. The exclusively labelled cans will be available on 415g single Heinz Beanz cans. The limited edition cans are available for €7.50, plus €3.00 delivery fee and can be found here.