Heads up: Penn Badgely is sliding into fan’s DMs to debate about You

Since You became the murder series du jour over on Netflix, the Internet has been awash with fan theories and opinion s- one of which has rustled a few feathers. 

Joe, the show's protagonist, played by Penn Badgely, is a murderous sociopathic stalker, but his behaviour has been romanticised by some viewers of the show. 

Penn has previously opposed the idolisation of Joe, tweeting 'He is a murderer' in response to fans thirsting after his character. 


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However, he had not intended for his combatative tweets to go viral. 

'I hadn’t thought about it, and when I did it I wasn’t thinking about it as a strategic move,' he told The New York Times of his tweets.

'I didn’t intend for it to go viral in this way; the whole point is for us to have an elevated conversation about the themes of this show.'

'What I ended up doing after a few of those tweets went viral was follow some of the users I quote-tweeted, and DMed them just to check in,' he said.


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His DM-sliding led him to discover that he had misinterpreted at least one of the You-viewer's sentiments.  

'So I actually had a lengthy conversation over DMs with one woman, and she correctly pointed out that I had sort of misinterpreted what she said.'

'She was talking about why she was so charmed by me, the actor, rather than by the character of Joe.'