Have a pizza to prevent the vomiting bug

There is nothing worse than the winter vomiting bug – we’d take a head cold over it any day – but thankfully scientists may have found a way to ward it off and it’s pretty tasty.

According to new research, there is a particular ingredient in pizza that can help prevent you from catching the awful stomach virus.

Carvacrol found in oregano oil, which gives pizza its distinctive flavour, has now been found to be highly effective against the norovirus – yay!

Apparently there is a chemical in the herb that strips through the virus’ “tough outer protein coat” which then allows other agents in the body to destroy it.

Unfortunately, before you go stocking your freezer full of pizzas, scientists have said that “no amount of pizza consumption will protect anyone from norovirus”. They also added that if too much is consumed it will cause a burning and numbness of the tongue.

Looks like our best defence is still hand sanitizer, for now at least.