Harry Styles spotted on cute date with new bae!


Harry Styles has had his fair share of romantic hook-ups, but according to sources the 21-year-old singer is particularly smitten with his latest lady friend.

Austrian-born, but New York-based model Nadine Leopold is said to have stolen Harry's heart and if rumours are true, he's even gone as far as to have Nadine's initials inked on his body.

A 'discreet' part of his body, no less.

According to a source, Harry was determined that this information would not be leaked, with the insider revealing: "Harry made everyone sign confidentiality agreements so the girl's letters are a secret at the moment."

Spotted on a wholesome date recently, Harry and Nadine looked content and casual as they did a little shopping, feasted on frozen yoghurt and enjoyed each other's company.

Considering the backlash Harry's girlfriends have gotten in the past from die-hard directioners, we hope this Victoria's Secret model knows how to handle herself!