Happy Birthday Ryan! Five times Mr Gosling was too hot to handle

Today Ryan Gosling turns 35 and to celebrate the actor's birthday we have five hot and adorable pictures of the star. 

While we love how hunky Ryan is, we also love that he's not afraid to change up his look (he has been bald, platinum-haired and creepily mustached) for film roles.

From The Notebook to Crazy Stupid Love, Ryan never fails to nail the hotness factor:

1. Ryan with a dog (because it doesn't get much cuter than that):


2. Ryan in Crazy Stupid Love (because it doesn't get much hotter than that):


3. Ryan as a kid:


4. Ryan being adorable with his Blue Valentine daughter (which probably resembles what he's like with his real-life daughter, Esmeralda):


5. And of course, the epic MTV kiss with Amy McAdams: