Gwyneth and Chris share a touching moment. Literally.


Coldplay front man Chris Martin and ex-wife, Ironman Man 3 star, Gwyneth Paltrow  “consciously uncoupled” after ten years of marriage in March of this year, but it seems like the famous pair are still on very good terms if this cute, albeit fleeting moment where Gwyn gently rubs Chris's face is anything to go by. The footage, captured in Los Angeles on Tuesday night, suggests there's still a lot of affection between the actress and singer.

Even though Chris is currently dating Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence and Gwyn has devoted a lot of her time to fan-girling over US president Barack Obama, these two seem like the type eager to maintain good relations with each other.  Are we overly surprised? Not really. 

The pair met in December 2002, married in 2003 and, after the birth of daughter Apple in 2004 and son Moses in 2006, became one of the most wholesome families in Hollywood for much of the decade. Not only did Gwyn and Chris introduce us to the term ‘conscious uncoupling’, it seems this pair can teach us a thing or two about how to treat your ex as well!