Grey’s Anatomy boss explains why THAT tragedy had to happen

In the last year Shonda Rhimes has been getting an awful lot of grief from Grey’s Anatomy fans. If you or anyone in your life was a Grey’s fan, specifically if they were fond of one Dr. McDreamy, then you probably heard all about it.

In the latest season he came to an untimely ending and fans were not happy. Not one bit.

This week Shonda has revealed that she didn’t do it entirely out a need to make her fans cry, well, that’s what she claims anyway.

She explained that with Patrick Dempsey, who played handsome brain surgeon Derek Shepherd for almost 11 years, exiting the show she saw no other way to wrap up his storyline.

"What were the options? Either Der was going to walk out on Mer and leave her high and dry, and what was that going to mean?"

So, instead of breaking Meredith’s heart she decided to go and break the hearts of her millions of viewers instead. Nice Shonda.

"As painful as it was for me as a storyteller, the only way to preserve what felt true to me was Derek was going to have to die for that love to remain honest."

She went on to say that next season will be a “rebirth” of sorts:

"We do have this world in which Meredith is single, and she is living this life that she hadn't thought she was going to be living again.”

To be honest, we hadn’t thought of a world where one of television’s most pivotal couples was going to be ripped away from us either.