‘Got any soy milk?’ The Xmas Gift Guide for the Vegan in your life

Got a pal who likes to be a friend to the animals and the environment?

Their aversion to animal by products and animal-tested products has the potential to make Christmas gift shopping for them tricky, but thankfully many companies are coming around the cruelty-free way of product production.

Here are our top picks for the vegan in your life – free from all animal by-products. 

Topshop shoes €52.00

Chocolate soy candle €8.12

Cornucopia Cookbook €31.39

Kat Von D 'Everlasting' mini liquid lipstick set €52.00

Lush conditioner €18.50

Nourish Giftcard €10.00-€100.00

ASOS acrylic jumper €44.00

15 Minute Vegan Cookbook €20.27

 Avocado Christmas socks €6.76

NARS blush gift set €42.00

Pureology Superfood Hydrate Hair Mask €31.00

& Other Stories glass earrings €25.00

Pureology Superfood Strength Cure Hair Mask €31.00

Lush Snow Fairy Bath Bomb €5.55

The Make Ahead Vegan Cookbook €14.37

Pacco Vegan Leather bag €50.00