Gorgeous ways to upcycle your empty sauce jars


If you’ve been hanging on to a few empty sauce jars for that pasta sauce you were meant to make from scratch, fear not! There are so many ways to upcycle a jar that you will wonder why you threw them away in the first place!

Using your jams as a vase is a great way to add a pop of colour around you home. Simply put one flower in each “vase” and leave one in every room. Beautify it with a little ribbon.

Candle holder
Fill the jar with water and pop one floating candle into it. For instant impact, line several together either along your balcony or garden and light the candles.

Fill the jar with potpourri, cover with cheesecloth and tie with a piece of twine. Not only do they smell pretty nice, they also make gorgeous gifts.

Bobbin holders
If you are always losing your bobbins, use a clean empty jar to hold them. Store it in the bathroom and you’ll never be stuck for a bobbin again. You can even pop your hairbrush in the jar as well so you’ll never lose it.

Bathroom organisers
Get several jars and fill them with cotton buds, ear buds, razors and anything else that ends up on the floor in your bathroom.