Gordon’s in the hot-seat, getting absolutely roasted by his fans

Celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay is well known for being a bit of a brute in the kitchen. If you’re not doing something quite to his standards, you can be assured that he’ll let you know.

The 53-year-old dad-of-five can be brutally honest and harsh when he wants to be, having taken to Twitter to roast his fan’s dishes on a regular basis. However, it seems now the tables have turned.

Gordon posted an image of the new breakfast dish he’s serving up at his restaurant in London’s Savoy Hotel, your classic full-english fry-up. He captioned it with, “The most amazing Full English…. can’t wait for you to try it from 21st September at Savoy Grill!”

Photo: Twitter

Fans were quick to point out though, that according to the restaurant menu found online, this basic brekkie will cost you a whopping £19, leaving followers less than impressed with this measly dish of two fried eggs, one lone sausage, a bit of bacon, half a tomato and a solitary mushroom.

“Wow £19 for that breakfast…also where’s the Beans..” one follower wrote.

“Black pudding & beans mate come on……” another chimed in.

“If you put that in front of me, it would be going on the floor. That’s a f**king abomination,” was another follower’s response.

While this follower wrote, “Why are the beans in a little silver gravy dish at the side? Where's the black pudding? Who's stolen your toast. And your other sausage? I'd ask for your money back if I were you mate!”

When one fan commented saying, “THIS is a full English Gordon. Take a leaf out of @fryuppolice's book….” attaching an image of quite a large but oh-so-tempting plate of breakfast food, a miffed Gordon Ramsay couldn’t take it anymore.

Photo: Twitter

“That’s called a Full English Classic Heart Attack you idiot sandwich,” the celebrity chef replied hilariously.

Come on though Gordon, we need our hash browns!