The poor girl! Gordon Ramsay PAYS his son to do THIS to his daughter

We all know there exists a pretty special bond between teenage girls and their doting dads, so it's no real surprise to learn the lengths a concerned father will go to protect his beloved daughter from possible danger and potential suitors, but it looks like Gordon Ramsery takes the biscuit.

The famous dad, who has no qualms about revealing the extent of his mission to protect his daughter from harm, opened up during an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live and admitted that he enlists the help of his son in order to keep her on the straight and narrow.

Giving an insight into Ramsey family life, the acclaimed TV chef acknowledged that the life of a teenage girl is peppered with mystery, telling host Jimmy: "Not many boyfriends come around. They don't come up to the house. 17 is a tough age. You are getting used to things happening, growing, kissing and so on."

Determined not to let anything get in the way of his desire to keep an eye on his daughter, Gordon admitted that he gives his only son, 16-year-old Jack, £100 a week to spy on his 17-year-old sister Megan.

The father-of-four happily opened up about the plan he hatched with his son, telling the audience: "So I said to my mate Jack, there's £100 a week, keep me updated. Let me know about any photos online and we'll go online and hijack it."

We can only imagine what Megan's response will be when she learns of her dad and brother's sneaky ways!