Good for them, bad for us: Taxi fares set to rise yet again


It looks like taxi fares are set to rise yet again.

Earlier this month, a report by the National Transport Authority was mistakenly published. It read that taxi fares should stay static, and when taxi drivers caught wind of the proposal, they weren't happy with the NTA in the slightest.

The proposal has since been deleted, however, the The Times Ireland Edition reports that it's likely that taxi fares could rise by 3.5 per cent within the next few months.

It's believed that the NTA will put up the minimum cost from €3.60 to €3.80 and the premium cost from €4 to €4.20.

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 According to 98fm, The National Private Hire and Taxi Association member Jim Waldron also expects that the €2 fee to put luggage in the boot will be reintroduced.

However, even after all of the raises, The National Private Hire and Taxi Association still want larger hikes to help cover costs of "doing business" and insurance.