Go smooth or go home? Removing pubic hair CREATES health risks

If tending to your bikini area with a razor is second nature to you, you may want to consider the warnings issued by experts who know so much more about the inner workings of our bits than we could ever claim to.

Commenting on the trend which exists among a vast majority of women who choose to remove most – if not all – of their pubic hair, Dr Vanessa Mackay of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists suggests we need to rethink this practice.

Speaking recently to The Independent, she explained: "Pubic hair offers a natural barrier to keep things clean, to decrease contact with viruses and bacteria, and to protect the tender skin of the area."

According to those in the know, when we go to town on ourselves with the razor for both hygiene and aesthetic purposes, we are actually increasing our chances of contracting infections.

"While protecting against diseases and skin problems, pubic hair prevents foreign particles like dust and pathogenic bacteria from entering the body," she continued.  "Pubic hair also helps to control the moisture of the area which decreases the chances of yeast infections."

It sounds like we might need to start embracing our natural look…