Get FANCYYY with the new Chef Spice Bag Ketchup!

It’s time for Spice Bag fans across Ireland to celebrate! Chef has unveiled its new Spice Bag Ketchup, a sauce that is truly an Irish thing! Break out the fancy and embrace Chef’s version of the iconic dish to come out of every Chinese takeaway in Ireland. The Chef Spice Bag Ketchup consists of hand selected spices mixed with tangy Chef ketchup to give the delicious flavour of a Spice Bag to any meal! Try the new Chef Spice Bag Ketchup for yourself available now from selected retailers nationwide, RRP €3.29.

The new Chef Spice Bag Ketchup joins the extensive range of Chef sauces including Tomato Ketchup, Brown Sauce, and Curry Sauce. A staple in every Irish household, Chef is encouraging people across the country to Break Out the Fancyyy this summer whether it is at a rainy summer BBQ, oven chips on the couch, or enjoying a takeaway with friends. Using only the finest ingredients, Chef sauces add a delightful twist to any dish this summer.

Shop Chef Spice Bag Ketchup and Chef’s range of sauces in selected retailers nationwide and follow Break Out the Fancyyy on social media @chefireland