George Clooney buys Amal one hell of a wedding gift


It was the wedding we had all been waiting for and it did not disappoint. The entrance, the dresses, the celebrity guests, not to mention George in a suit, we couldn’t get enough. But the Venice ceremony wasn’t the end of it; George treated the human rights lawyer to one incredible wedding gift – a £5 million home in London.

According to a source: “George has all the money in the world but wanted to give Amal something special to mark their marriage. Buying her a house must be up there with the most expensive wedding gifts in history, but the thought behind it was to give them a proper place to call home in the future.”

But that is not the best part. They added: ''George will still travel the world for his movies, but they intend for this to be their British base. They want it to be the place where they bring up a family. They have already talked about having kids.''

Yes kids, we can’t imagine George being anything but an absolutely adorable dad! Eek!