Geordie Shore’s Charlotte shocks with latest Instagram post

We all know Geordie Shore's Charlotte is an open book, but even this seems a little too far for everyone's favourite Newcastle star.

Posting a naked photo of herself on popular social media site, Instagram, Char stunned fans normally used to her devil-may-care attitude.

While she's no stranger to posting scantily-clad selfies or owning up to wetting the bed on a night out, we don't think she's ever gone as far as to post a nudie!

Admittedly, covering her boobs and bits with her hands, the 24-year-old reality star still showed a little more than we're used when she gave fans and followers a glimpse of her tan lines.

Oh, because that's what the photo was all about, ladies.

Charlotte just wanted to chat tan lines, not show off her stunning figure, saying: "#SendMeBackSaturdays Cape Verde/ #YesImNaked #Soz #TanLines

Yep, tan lines…ahem.