Fun things to do with friends this summer besides going go the pub


With summer in full swing, we’re trying to make as many memories as possible before the sun disappears for good this year. 

When we think of activities to enjoy during the summer, going to beer gardens for drinks with friends is normally the most popular thing to do. 

But, if you’re fed up with spending money on expensive cocktails and pints in the pub or maybe you simply want to take part in some sober activities that won’t leave you with a sore head in the morning, check out our list of fun ideas below and prepare to have a laugh with your pals. 

1. Have a picnic

2. Go camping in your garden or at a holiday park 

3. Try kayaking

4. Go for a bike ride in a scenic spot

5. Try paintball

6. Go to a pottery class 

7. Treat each other to something tasty at a farmer’s market

8. Go to a concert 

9. Have a BBQ

10. Go rock climbing 

11. Enjoy a day at the beach with snacks, swimming and soccer

12. Go for a hike 

13. Play mini golf

14.  Spend the day at an amusement park

15. Go bowling

16. Try go-karting

17. Buy each other outfits from a thrift shop

18. Play laser tag

19. Go to a cooking class

20. Give each other manicures 

21. Make mocktails at home together 

22. Try a new fitness class

23. Find Insta-worthy locations and have a photoshoot

24. Spend the day at an arcade

25. Explore a tourist attraction in your area