Former Atomic Kitten singer had a near-death experience


A close source revealed that 33-year-old Kerry Katona, had a near-death experience after she gave birth to her little girl at the start of this month.

The former Atomic Kitten star had a condition called pre-eclampsia, which can cause high blood pressure and heavy bleeding after delivery.

The mum-of-five, who didn’t know she had this life-threatening condition, described her labour as ‘traumatic’.

“It was Kerry who was in danger. Her mum Sue was really scared Kerry was going to die. She lost a lot of blood,” revealed an insider.

Jorgie, who is believed to be named after Kerry’s fiancé, George Kay was fine.

Kerry even took to Twitter to thank all her loved ones. She wrote, “Thank you all so much for your kind messages, at last were both home after getting the all clear! It’s been very traumatic @mrgsjkay xxx”

It seems like they are both in good condition now, as Kerry shared her enthusiasm for Easter on the social media site saying, “Good morning….AGAIN!! @mrgsjkay has hid all the eggs… Let the hunt begin!! Happy Easter everybody xxxxx”