Forget the Quality Street, there’s a new Christmas treat in town!

Buying a huge box of Tayto Crips is a key part of Christmas.  Do you remember your mam rationing them and not allowing you munch through the entire box before you reached Christmas Eve?

This year, Ireland's favourite crisp company has launched a brand new flavour in the lead-up to Christmas and we are sure it’s going to be very popular.

Mr. Tayto took to social media to announce the brand new Turkey and Stuffing flavour crisps:


A post shared by Mr Tayto (@mrtaytoireland)

"I’ve been busy in the kitchen working on a LIMITED EDITION FLAVOUR to mark the most flavoursome and wonderful time of the year! Turkey and Stuffing!

"I hope you all enjoy my new, festive flavour"!

 The Christmas packets depict Mr Tayto dressed up for Christmas wearing a Santa Suit and carrying a sack of what we can only assume are spuds. 

The feedback on social media has been extremely positive too "can't wait to try them" commented one follower whilst another noted "can you send me a box please?".

Some weren't as happy "Never mind them! Bring back Banshee bones for good please!"

Whatever way you fall, the crisps are available for a limited time only so grab these bad boys while you can.