For the friend who’s ALWAYS cold: 8 great ways to really warm up…

Turning on the heat can be pricey – not to mention not particularly good for the environment either.

But for the days that you just can’t get cosy, or for the friend who NEVER seems to be warm (they know who they are) today has some great tips for achieving a satisfactory level of toastiness WITHOUT having to constantly crank up the thermostat…

Suffice to say, SHEmazing! is a big fan of ALL of the below…


1) Watch TV

The heat given off by home appliances such as the TV and fridge could be enough to keep the house warm if you have decent insulation, experts say.

Indeed, according to Max Fordham, a leading engineering consultant, effective insulation could keep houses warm all year round – making central heating only necessary on the very coldest days.


2) Make flowerpot heaters

Ditch the expensive electric heater and make your own DIY version using just a few candles and a flowerpot.

These nifty, home-made devices can hit more than 80C and take just five minutes to make. Warning – make sure you buy terracotta and NOT plastic pots.


3) DIY draught excluder

It’s not just chimneys that let in chilly draughts – windows and doors are also a hotspot for cold air seeping into your house.

“Sausage dog” draught insulators can be rested at the bottom of doors and windows to stop heat escaping from the room.


4) Block up your chimney

Having fireplaces that are just for decoration is common in many households now, and if you’re not using yours make sure you fit a chimney balloon or insulator.

Costing less than €30, the balloon will keep warm air in the house and stop a draught coming in down the chimney.


5) Cover bare floorboards

Putting rugs down and covering up bare floorboards can reduce heat loss by up to 10 percent.


6) Close curtains

One of the easiest ways to keep a room warm and stop cold air flooding in from outside is to close curtains and trap it out. Pulling the curtains can reduce heat loss from 15-17 percent and save you bundles of cash on the central heating bill.

Wooden flooring causes a lot of heat loss, so if you don’t have carpets one of the simplest ways of heating up a room is to lay down rugs and blankets.


7) Let sunlight in

While closing the curtains will keep warm air in, it’s also important to leave them open during the day so the sunlight can warm up the room.

Closing the curtains as soon as dusk falls will maximise your house’s potential to retain the heat it’s generated from daylight – even if it’s cold outside!


8) Strategically place shelves

Putting a shelf above a radiator, especially if you have high ceilings, can help channel warmth throughout the room.

While putting a shelf above a radiator helps spread heat, putting things on the radiator will trap warm air and stop it spreading to the room.