Foods no Irish Christmas would be complete without!

We know, we know, Christmas is a time of joy and love, but it is also a time of FOOD. Lots of food.

The Irish Christmas experience mainky involves chocolate, alcohol and cake – we know how to do things right in the Emerald Isle.

Here are just nine of the amazing foods we couldn't live without during the festive season…

1. Afternoon Tea biscuits
If you haven't already cracked open a leftover tin from last year, don't worry, you're bound to get at least three more tins from neighbours/long-lost aunts/the Christmas raffle. RIP, jelly star. You were the unsung hero of the Christmas biscuit selection.

2. Roses
The ultimate sign of a stingy person? They only arrive with a box of Roses, not the giant tub. Ah, who cares, it's all chocolate at the end of the day. Prepare for some heated discussions about whether the Coffee Escape REALLY belongs in the Roses collection or not.

3. A selection box
Just for kids? Stop your nonsense and pass us that Curly Wurly.

4. Baileys
Save your gin and slimline tonic for January – once December hits it's pretty much obligatory to have a cheeky Baileys or five on every night out. 

5. The melon boat
The standard Irish Mammy "fancy" Christmas starter. What's that? A glacé cherry? Notions.

6. Sherry trifle
Your nana is duty bound to make at least one of these throughout the Christmas season. Laced with alcohol, of course.

7. The Christmas yule log
Basically a chocolate Swiss Roll with the addition of some icing sugar for "snow" and a plastic holly bough or two. 

8. Turkey and ham sandwiches
Forget Christmas dinner, the sandwich you make that evening while watching your new box set is the TRUE taste of Christmas. White bread (fine, have brown if you like), butter, turkey, ham, optional mayo. Perfection.

9. Fizzy orange
What better thing to wash down that sandwich with than some ice cold Finches or Club Orange? Hello, Christmas.