Five secrets for more comfortable high heels!

High heels may look pretty but they are also the devil's work. Blisters, cuts, aching feet… us ladies go through a lot for the sake of our heels!

If you really can't live without your stilettos, here are a few tips to help ease the pain…

1. Choose platforms and wedges where possible
Chunkier platforms decrease the distance between your heel and the ball of your foot, meaning there's less pressure on your toes. Believe us, you'll notice the difference when you are still pain-free, rather than tip-toeing home with your heels in your hand.

2. Take notice of the heel cup
The "heel cup" is the area at the back of the shoe that covers your ankle and heel. This is usually stiffer than the rest of the shoe – meaning it won't lose its shape, but it'll also give you those dreaded blisters. Splurge on shoes made from softer leather or suede to avoid this issue, or if you're tight for cash be sure to apply a gel pad or plaster to the offending area.

3. Stroll around the shop, for more than five seconds
Don't just do a little twirl in the mirror and be done with it when trying on your shoes. Go for a proper walk around the shop and try to walk on tiled areas rather than carpet, to get a better idea of how the heels will feel outside. Take notice of any pain or areas of high pressure – if they hurt now you can be sure they'll be killing you after a few hours of wear!

4. Tape up your toes
It's not as extreme as it sounds! If you just have to wear your favourite heels even though they leave you wincing in pain, try taping the third and fourth toes of each foot together (counting in from your big toe) with some medical tape. This helps to reduce pain in the ball of your foot, as it removes strain on a split nerve between those two toes.

5. Walk tall!
Posture is everything when you're wearing heels! When you're in flats you can get away with slouching a little, but a straight neck and back are key to reducing pain when wearing those killer stilettos. Keep your spine straight, as if you're being pulled up by a string. Your whole body will thank you, not just your feet!