Five of the most expensive beauty products


We know that money can’t buy style, but can it buy beauty? After reading about these super expensive beauty products, we’d love to give them a try (if we won the lotto, obviously), though we’re not convinced they’d be any better than our highstreet brands… If only we could afford to find out for sure!

Azature Black Diamond Nail Polish

$250,000 (about €192,951)

The thought of forking out a quarter of a million dollars for a bottle of nail polish gave us heart palpitations. It costs so much because it’s made of black diamonds apparently. Hmmm… we’ll stick with the glitter, thanks!

La Prairie Skin Caviar Concealer Foundation

$195 (€150)

While this IS meant to be great foundation, unless it actually airbrushes our face, we won’t be shelling out for it anytime soon. Plus, experts say there’s no benefit to putting caviar on your face, because you can’t absorb nutrients through the skin. Just eat it instead!

Creme de la Mer

$150 (€115) per ounce

This stuff has a secret ‘miracle broth’ that’s meant to work wonders, but experts say that the reason people notice the effects of Crème de la Mer is because they make sure to use it every night since they’ve spent so much money on it. Also, they probably rub it in gently, rather than tugging and pulling at the skin like you might usually do.

Kanebo Sensai Collection, The Lipstick

$55 (€42.50)

Apparently the formula of this lipstick is based on Japan’s Koishimaru silk, but is that enough to convince you to part with that amount of money? We’d probably just end up losing it anyway – THEN how would we feel?

Jean Patou Joy Baccarat Pure Parfum

$1,500 (€1157)

This perfume is made by a flower that only grows for two weeks each year in Jean Patou’s fields. Over 10,000 blooms go into each bottle, so we can understand why this perfume is so expensive.