Finally, a health cover solution for young people starting out

We all know that health insurance is a pretty important necessity in life, but for the most part, we know very little about it. 

Perhaps you’ve been on your parent’s plan your entire life, and now that policy no longer includes you — what now? You can’t quite afford to start your own private insurance policy, but you know that you’d like some sort of health cover.

That’s where VIGO Health comes into play. VIGO is a new Irish digital health cover solution that provides “health cover made easy and affordable” for everyone. It’s a great alternative to private health insurance for the younger generation.

It’s aimed at those who might not be in a position to have private health insurance, but would like access to a range of everyday health supports, including 30+ benefits such as digital doctors and nurses on demand and a cash back plan – all for less than €40.00 a month (that’s just €10 a week!).

Some of the benefits include:

  • UNLIMITED access to virtual GP’s and nurses.

  • Up to 10 virtual appointments with physio and mental health professionals are fully covered.

  • Full cover for MRI and CT scans.

  • Need a face-to-face GP visit? Visits and prescriptions covered up to €200 a year.

  • Up to €500 a year for consultant visits.

  • Contributions are also made towards visits to see a dentist, optician, nutritionist, acupuncturist, chiropractor, massage therapist and reflexologist.

Let’s say you have a health niggle but you’re not sure it warrants a trip to the doctor? You can use their on-demand online Nurse Chat or Ask a Doctor services to put your mind at ease. Simply message a nurse or doctor a question via WhatsApp at any time and you’ll receive a trusted medical response within minutes. 

You can do this as often as you like without an appointment – at no extra cost. Or if you’d prefer to chat to a doctor, you can book a virtual appointment – via video or phone – for no extra cost.

What’s more, VIGO Health have partnered with Meaghers Pharmacy to provide free prescription delivery for prescriptions from a virtual GP consultation as well as a 10% discount for their online store.

For more information about VIGO Health and their many benefits, check out their website at