Feeling the fear? Saying “never again” after a night out never works

We’ve all been there before, waking up with a hangover from hell and claiming that we will never drink again, only to be in the same boat the week after. And it looks like we’re not about to change.

According to recent research, hangovers neither deter you from drinking nor encourage you to drink more. In fact, the hair of the dog is not as popular as it may seem.

The research analysed the drinking habits of 386 young people who each had to complete a three week drink diary. This resulted in 2,276 drinking episodes and 463 hangovers.

Thomas Piasecki, lead author of the study said: “Drinkers do not seem to be bothered that much by the temporary discomfort of a hangover, since it does not get them to delay their drinking in any meaningful way, and since other studies show that young drinkers often perceive hangovers to be neutral or positive experiences.”

He went on to add: “Experiencing frequent hangovers is a warning sign that should probably prompt you to reflect upon your drinking”.