The art of doing nothing: There’s a reason why you feel exhausted

Is anyone else feeling absolutely exhausted despite the fact that you’ve done nothing other than scroll through Twitter and binge-watch Tiger King on Netflix?

We’re roaming around the house, drinking gallons of tea and reminiscing about the days when our calendar didn’t look as lacklustre as it does right now.

We’ve only been walking from the sofa to the fridge so it’s not like we’re tired from strenuous exercise, so what could it be?

Psychotherapist Lucy Beresford told HuffPost UK why so many of us are feeling tired from doing hardly anything at all. She explained that we’re hard-wired “for growth and stimulation,” so the change to our lifestyle is to blame.

She shared: “If we don’t provide structure or interest or even self-love to our day, time stretches painfully and we feel defeated, lethargic or even depressed and the less we do, the more defeated we become.”

We are very lucky to be able to work from home and to self-isolate there too, but we need to do little things to help us feel better. If lounging on the sofa and watching nothing but Friends for hours and hours is making you feel low then maybe go for a short walk. 

If you’re not able to leave your home then perhaps cut down on screen-time by calling a friend, writing a letter or reading a book.

What works for us may not work for others, so don’t put pressure on yourself to bake banana bread because half of your Instagram feed is.

However, finding little sources of joy that will lift your spirits is essential. It’ll help shift that constant tiredness and give you a well-needed boost during this anxious time.