Fans of First Dates are going to love ITV’s new dating show

In light of the coronavirus pandemic putting a bit of a damper on all of our love lives, ITV 2 are making a new dating show all about secret crushes.

The show which is aptly called Secret Crush, will see secret admirers confess their true feelings once and for all, consequences be damned.

Each episode will follow four singletons who have been harbouring feelings for someone in their lives. The unsuspecting crush will then be invited on a date, and told that someone they know has a crush on them, but they won't find out who it is until they walk in. 

Just imagining the honest confessions, the unrequited love and the shocked revelations has us cringing in our seats, and yet we really can't wait to watch.

Paul Mortimer, ITV's Head of Digital Channels and Acquisitions said, "ITV2's audience will hopefully be enthralled by this wonderful format that propels potential relationships to a must-watch crunch point."

"As stories unfold and viewers eavesdrop on heart-felt conversations, they'll witness laughter (and maybe some tears) but, crucially, the blossoming of new love in each episode," he revealed.

Meanwhile, Executive producer Tom O'Brien added, "We can't wait to get producing Secret Crush for the team at ITV2. It's full of heart-in-your-hands confessions, humour, and unbelievable stories, all to the flutter of Cupid's tiny wings."