Fans of Big Little Lies, get ready for Nine Perfect Strangers

If you consider yourself a fan of the thrilling HBO show, Big Little Lies, then this new book-to-screen adaptation is just what you need! In case you didn’t know, the hit series starring Nicole Kidman, was based on a book written by Liane Moriarty. It just so happens that Liane has worked her magic yet again, and written another masterpiece for us to watch unfold, called Nine Perfect Strangers.

What’s it all about though? Nine Perfect Strangers takes place in a wellness retreat, run by a woman called Masha. Some are there to lose weight, some are there to get a reboot on life, some are there for reasons they can’t even admit to themselves. Amidst all of the luxury and pampering, the mindfulness and meditation, they know that their 10-day detox might involve some real work. But none of them could imagine just how challenging it would be. 


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Combining all of the hallmarks that have made Liane Moriarty's writing a go-to for anyone looking for wickedly smart, page-turning fiction that will make you laugh and gasp, Nine Perfect Strangers fully demonstrates why she is a master of her craft.

If the plot isn’t enough to get you excited about this Hulu adaptation, then just wait until you hear the cast list. It’s been confirmed that Nicole Kidman will portray Masha, the retreat owner, alongside resort goers; Melissa McCarthy, Luke Evans, Michael Shannon, Regina Hall, and Manny Jacinto.


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Nicole posted a photo to her Instagram of herself and Liane Moriarty bumping elbows over coffee, keeping fans on the edge of their seats. The caption read, “We can’t wait to introduce you to #NinePerfectStrangers”.

No release dates have been confirmed as of yet, however, it has been confirmed that Big Little Lies creator, David E. Kelley will be one of the co-writers on this new adaptation. Given all of the amazing talent involved in this production, we think it’s safe to say that Nine Perfect Strangers is going to be a must-watch, and we can’t wait.