‘Exhausted from existing’: Suicide tackled in Rubberbandits’ new track

"You're important to someone, Sonny, so put down the rope," is the final line of The Rubberbandits' latest offering, and one which perhaps most succinctly sums up the sentiment of the track.

Examining the complexity of suicide in Sonny, the Limerick duo dismiss the notion that there must exist one specific reason for a person to take their own life.

"He isn't lonely or addicted to drugs, he doesn't owe his mother's money to thugs, he's not an alcoholic, he isn't depressed, and he's going to break a lot of hearts when he hangs himself," the track opens.

Over the course of three minutes and 29 seconds, the track tells the story of countless people, from varying backgrounds, who see suicide as their only option.

The track, which was uploaded to YouTube today, has amassed considerable support, with one person writing: "If this song is in anyway instrumental in saving even one life it has served it's purpose."

"Savage lyrics…I wouldn't expect any less," added another.

Take a listen here, but expect strong language throughout.