Exciting milestones they don’t make Hallmark cards for.


So, we all know the official milestones that punctuate every relationship- first date, announcement of official coupledom status, declaration of love- yadda yadda yadda. While no doubt exciting, we think there's a few other milestones that just don't get the recognition they deserve.

Here are just a few occasions where we melted inside and knew we were on to a good thing.

Happy “Your toothbrush now has a place in his bathroom” Day!
Admit it, you've melted at the image of your purple toothbrush resting against his dark blue one. They look perfect together and sometimes you even wonder if they have the chats. Then you pull yourself together and tell yourself it's only a miniature bristle brush…but my god, have you ever seen two toothbrushes more suited for each other?

Happy “You now have a cupboard at this place” Day!
At the start of your relationship, you'd meet him carrying everything you own in your handbag and deny that your shoulder was being pulled from its socket. God forbid you'd suggest leaving anything at his. You're an independent woman with a dislocated shoulder and you don't care who knows it. Then one day you arrive to his place and he's cleared shelves for you and your things! Less to do with love, more to do with concern for your physical health, but who cares- he's happy to see your things scattered around his room every day. Awwww.

Happy “You stay in his place after he's left for the day” Day!
The thought of staying in his place after he leaves in the morning is the ultimate in domestic bliss, right? Off he goes to work or college while you languish in his bed all morning. It's less about enjoying your lazy morning and more about the fact that he's comfortable knowing you're a free woman in a Mecca of journals, old cards, photos and dodgy scrapbooks. Major tick on the 'Trust' checklist.

Happy “He wants you to meet this parents” Day!
Ok, it may not give us the exact same butterflies as the toothbrush/ shelves scenario, but it is a HUGE deal! We have close friends who we'd step over hot coals for and yet our parents would struggle to recognise them on the street. The thought that he's so into you that he wants to show you off to mum and dad makes us feel giddy…and terrified.

Happy “You've been disgusting in front of him” Day!
At the start, you'd sneak out of bed to brush your teeth in the morning, you caused yourself physical discomfort ignoring certain bodily functions and you hid old socks and underwear like they were Orange is the New Black style contraband. Then one day, you realise that he finds you gorgeous first thing in the morning. How does he not see the panda eyes, recoil at the scarecrow hair and sense the morning breath? We don't know, but don't question it. He knows what he likes and that, young lady, is you.