Ooh! It looks like Conor McGregor is getting his own reality TV show

Conor McGregor has become a household name all over the world, and now it seems that his family are reaching for the bright lights, too.

The UFC Champion's older sister Erin has opened up to Goss about her plans for the future – and revealed she's in talks to front her own reality TV show with Conor by her side.

Erin is launching a new hair salon and having a baby, which she thinks will make for great TV.

“It’s something I would definitely, definitely want to do. I think there’s a great market out there for a new reality show for Irish people." – Yes, yes, YES.

“My friends would say to me that my craziness is actually funny to watch. I just think people want to see real things that go on in your life," she said.

“I’ve been really open about my pregnancy because it’s tough going and I’m opening up my first business which is extremely difficult and now I realise why it’s not for the faint hearted."

Erin is opening her own salon – with Conor not only an investor but an active business partner – which will be called McGregor's Kings and Queens.

“Because Conor is the King and Dee is the queen it’s perfect. I want ordinary people to feel special and get the celebrity treatment,” she told the website.

We think this might be the start of something spectacular.