Everything we hate about hormones

Ok, so we know that we need hormones to be happy and have babies and all that business, but is it really necessary that they come with so many negative side effects? We’re not sure how much more we can take! Somebody pass us some Evening Primrose Oil – QUICK!

Mood swings
One minute you’re delighted with life, the next? Your boyfriend has given you a funny look and you feel like you’re either about to burst into tears or kill him stone dead. Either way, it’s not good, and hormones are to blame.

You could wash your face a thousand times a day, but hormones don’t care. They will give all the bacteria in your face a little pep talk for one week of every month, and next thing you know you’re down in the chemist investing in an industrial strength concealer. The hormones win again.

Excessive sweating
If you find yourself sweating an awful lot, especially during that time of the month, hormones are probably to blame. They’re just not happy with making you moody and giving you spots, they want to make you sweat as well. They are pure evil.

If it weren’t for hormones, we wouldn’t have to live through a week or more of PMS each month. Seriously, why do they make being a girl so difficult?

Messed up libido
If you’re on the pill, you might notice that it’s either killed off your sex drive completely, or put it into overdrive. Is it too much to ask for a constant, stable feed of whatever hormone it is you need for a working libido? Of course it is. Because hormones don’t negotiate. They just do whatever the hell they want.