Ellen DeGeneres on joining Kendall and Harry on THAT St. Barts yacht

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past week, you will be aware that Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner were caught getting very close on a luxury yacht in the Caribbean over the Christmas break. 

Since then we have been thrust headfirst into a spiral of rumours including that the pair are officially back on after dating briefly back in 2012 and that Taylor Swift is apparently raging. 

And while we cannot verify most of these rumours, we do know that the couple were joined for the day by none other than our favourite funny lady, Ellen DeGeneres. 

And thankfully, Ellen was not afraid to reveal the deets behind her envious romp on the star-studded yacht which was moored at the popular celebrity holiday destination of St. Barts. 

"One afternoon, Portia [de Rossi] and I went over to visit Harry Styles. We went to go see Harry and I did his hair, and he didn't mind that at all."

"And we also saw Kendall Jenner there. Which proves my theory that no matter where you go, you're never more than 500 feet from a Kardashian."

While Ellen did not give the game away, at least we have even more confirmation that the pair have been vacationing together. 

St. Barts is a popular hangout for the VIP's of the world and it turns out that you could spy a number of celebrities there around the festive season. 

"Around the holidays, there's a lot of celebrities vacationing there – Leonardo DiCaprio, Justin Bieber – I think I saw Free Willy."

"Being on a yacht is great. It's like a beautiful five-star hotel that could sink at any moment."

We wish our holidays were half as glamourous.