Eight reasons autumn is hands down our favourite season!


Summer might be the time for holidays, beaches and sunshine (if we’re lucky), but we’re always a little relieved when it’s over.

It’s not that we don’t LIKE summer – but everyone knows that autumn is far, far superior. Walking to work on a crisp, bright morning, choosing a new winter coat, crunching through leaves… it’s all just so lovely.

Not to mention the fact that we’re pretty much entitled to drink as much hot chocolate as we want. We have to keep warm somehow!

Here are just a few of the reasons we adore the autumn months…

1. The “brisk” weather
There’s no other time of year when the weather can be so perfectly summed up in one word. Before the rain really sets in and while it’s still a little mild from summer, there’s a perfect window of time in which the weather is pure, crisp perfection. Get out for a walk and enjoy it!

2. New coat, new scarf, new hat, new gloves!
Any excuse to go shopping! With autumn comes the need for a new seasonal wardrobe – or to whip out the old favourites from last year. Hello, giant woolly circle scarf, we’ve missed you! Even if you aren’t splashing out on a new coat, seeing new woollies in the shops is a sure sign autumn’s well and truly here. We dare you not to go on a mitten-buying spree in Penneys.

3. Getting cosy is your main aim in life now
Time to relax on the couch with a giant blanket and your favourite park of fluffy socks. What else would you be doing of an October evening?!

4. The clocks go back
It’s a bizarre idea, we agree, but Daylight Savings does give us an extra hour in bed the last Sunday of every October. That means one more hour between you and Monday morning. See, we told you autumn was the best!

5. So many lovely leaves
Ireland gets a lot of rain, but it does repay us with some spectacular scenery. Autumn leaves make your walk to work approximately 150% times more beautiful – why not skip the bus tomorrow morning?

6. Halloween!
The best holiday of the year for fancy dress lovers. Whoever says Halloween is only for kids can leave the room now, please.

7. Better television
The autumn/winter TV schedules are designed to keep us entertained through the colder months, so you’ll notice lots of series start back at this time of year. Love/Hate, anyone?

8. Less leg shaving!
You don’t need to shout it from the rooftops, but you can slack off a little with the personal grooming once the colder weather sets in. Bye bye shorts!