Eight bad fashion habits that are ruining your style!


Whether you have an effortless sense of style or haven't a notion what's going on in your wardrobe, there are certain style mistakes we're all guilty of making from time to time.

These aren't once-off bad outfit choices that we regret a year later, they are more likely lifelong habits that we refuse to break.

Take note of these fashion mistakes to avoid…

1. You avoid white like the plague unless it's summer
Maybe you have a few white tank tops and dresses in your wardrobe for the rare sunny day, but you'd never splash out on a classic white item for the colder months. Sure it would only get dirty and it's WAY too summery. Wrong. Luxurious fabrics like wool, mohair and faux fur look amazing in white and cream – and the colour can often be far more flattering than black! Solange had the right idea dressing her guests in an all-white palette for her recent wedding:

2. You refuse to go a clothes size up
Some shops are sized bigger and some are smaller – that's just the way it is. So if that dress doesn't fit in a 12 but looks great in a 14, what's the problem? It's just a label at the end of the day – what matters is how things look on your body. Model Crystal Renn has spoken before about how she varies from a UK size 8 to a 12 depending on the designer – see, it's not just us!

3. You wouldn't be seen dead in horizontal stripes
Whoever woke up one day and decided that no-one over a size 8 should wear horizontal stripes needs to be told a thing or two. A classic Breton stripe on a well-fitted top is a gorgeous look on any woman, and bold stripes give a great stylish accent to any outfit. Kim Kardashian gets it 100% right with this blazer:

4. You're scared to mix prints
If the thought of wearing two clashing prints has you running for the hills, you're missing out on so many outfit opportunities! Some prints like leopard and camouflage are so mainstream that they can be treated as neutrals, while floral prints work well with almost anything. Diane Kruger is loud and proud in this pretty combo:

5. You think "classic" pieces have to cost a fortune
High street shops like Penneys, H&M and New Look aren't just for throwaway tops and dresses – they do great classic basics too. A great winter jacket or leather boot doesn't have to cost a fortune. Alexa Chung is on the right track with her budget-friendly Topshop coat:

6. You think sparkle is only for evenings
Sequins don't have to be saved for your Christmas party dress – they work well in the daytime too. This street style queen looks glamourous but relaxed in her sequined blazer with low-key jeans and boots:

7. You think sexy is all about showing some skin
Yes, a tiny dress and heels can be totally sexy, but sometimes less is more. A well-cut top and a great pair of jeans can be just as hot as a body-con dress. Emma Watson looks every inch the glamour puss in her black skinnies, black top and white blazer:

8. You avoid clashing colours
Blue and green should never be seen? Nah! Same goes for navy and black – worn right it can be a really fresh and fashion-forward colour combo. Just look at Zoe Saldana's Paris Fashion Week ensemble!