Ed Sheeran is getting a biopic and it’s based around Eminem’s 8 Mile

So, we're a tad confused about how this movie will turn out!

Ed Sheeran has spoken out about his desire to shoot a biopic based on his life and growing up in his hometown of Ipswich.

Speaking to Q recently, the singer said: "I want to have an 8 Mile moment but 8 Mile meets Notting Hill.

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"Not gritty like Detroit but, like, Ipswich. I've got loads of songs about Ipswich that haven't come out so I could make a soundtrack."

But this isn't a new idea as he spoke to The Sun back in March about finding a filmmaker he really loved.

Ed basically told the publication the same thing, but instead used Once as a reference instead of 8 Mile.

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"I look at a film like Notting Hill and I think that's like a brilliant benchmark, or Once. So if you were to mix Notting Hill with Once, I would say that would be a good start," he told The Sun.

"I am in talks with one filmmaker that I really love and we are going to slowly but surely put something together.

"I would want to cast all unknowns. I want to have a low-budget, indie, British-made film."

It looks like Ed is pretty serious about this!