Dr. Doireann O’Leary shares her top 5 tips for suncare safety

May is known as Skin Cancer Awareness month, however, it’s important to remember how to look after our skin not just at the beginning of summer, but all year round.

To truly look after your skin, we need to understand how, when and why it gets damaged in the first place. 

As Dr. Doireann O’Leary, Avčne’s new suncare ambassador explains, “UV rays from the sun come in two forms – UVA rays which cause ageing and UVB rays which cause burning.”

“However, more recently, research has shown the damage that high energy visible blue light causes. It has been shown to damage the skin through oxidative effects, which can lead to premature skin ageing and also increase the risk of skin cancer.”

To help us feel protected from the sun all summer long, Doireann has shared her top five tips for suncare safety, or as she likes to call them, the five S’s.

1. Slap on a hat

Wear a sunhat! Choose a broad-rimmed boater, a straw fedora or bucket style hat which shades your face, nose, neck and ears from the sun as these are all common sites for skin cancers. Hats are especially great for keeping children’s heads safe.

2. Slip on covering clothing

Wear a cover-up in the sun. Especially at the beach or pool! 

3. Seek shade

Enjoy the heat and the nice weather but opt to sit in the shade during hot times especially during the midday sun.

4. Sunglasses

UV Sunglasses are a great way to keep the eye area safe from melanoma.

5. Slather on the SPF – Every. Single. Day

Apply a generous amount of sunscreen to clean, dry skin at least 20 minutes before you go outside. Use the 2mg per cm2 rule which is approximately 2 finger lengths for your face alone.

Doireann also goes on to talk about how proud she is to be working alongside Avčne on the launch of its new high protection facial suncare collection. Each product offers broad spectrum factor 50 protection against UVA, UVB and high energy visible blue light. 

Avčne’s first sun filter absorbs and reflects Blue Light from the sun, meaning this is a really innovative product range! 

“My favourite is the new Avčne Cream SPF 50+. The lightweight texture penetrates into the skin within 3 seconds and has a transparent shade meaning it's suitable for all skin tones. It offers 8 hours of hydration and is perfect for daily use before I apply my make-up,” Doireann added.

Avčne’s new facial sun care range has been formulated following strict standards for the planet and for every skin types. Therefore, the new formulas contain minimal ingredients and packaging is made of recycled and recyclable plastic. 

Avčne’s new sun range also offers powerful hydration and nourishment in FIVE different formulas targeted at different skin types and needs. Available at Boots, Lloyds and Millies.ie.