Dr Doireann O’Leary joins Lidl to share 5 vital skin protection tips

Taking care of your skin during the summer months is vital. We all need to avoid sunburn by protecting our skin from harmful rays every day. Lidl Ireland has teamed up with Cork GP Dr. Doireann O’Leary (@dr.doireannoleary) to host an Instagram Live on Sunday, June 7 at 6pm to discuss the importance of skin protection, and offer practical advice for staying safe in the sun. 

Dr. Doireann, who has amassed a following of more than 150,000 on Instagram and regularly shares health advice, tips and tricks for health living, will be taking over Lidl Ireland’s Instagram page to give viewers some top tips and information around skin protection, which is important even in Ireland on a cloudy day. She will also be chatting through Lidl’s much-loved Cien sun cream range and spilling which products are her favourite.

With Lidl’s bestselling Cien sun cream range available now in all 163 stores across the country, Lidl is helping customers protect their skin this summer without having to break the bank with affordable, high-quality sun cream products starting at just €1.49.

With an extensive range to choose from, Lidl’s Cien sun cream has all skin types and preferences covered. If you are looking for an easy to apply sun lotion, look no further than Cien’s Invisible Sun Spray in SPF 30, at just €4.99 you will be able to keep your skin protected without spending a fortune. Try Lidl’s Classic Sun Cream (€2.99) for a reliable favourite, available in SPFs 30 and 50 to keep you well protected. Lidl has not forgotten the kids with their easy to apply Kids Sun Spray in SPF 50 for €3.99 and it is fragrance free, so it won’t irritate your little one’s skin. Lidl even has you covered when you get back from a day in the sun with a cooling After Sun Gel for just €2.49.

Commenting on the partnership with Lidl, Dr. Doireann O’Leary said: “I’m really excited to be working with Lidl to affirm the importance of skin protection through their affordable Cien sun cream range meaning there’s no excuse not to wear sun cream! I’ve always been an advocate for wearing sun cream all year round, even during the winter.

"I wear Cien factor 50 on my face, which offers the same level of protection as high-end brands for a fraction of the price. I also love the Cien mini tube as it’s perfect to keep in the car for my hands. With ‘staycations’ looking to be popular this summer, it’s important that people remember to use sun protection even in Ireland as those pesky rays can still damage our skin through the clouds or even your car window.”


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During the Lidl Instagram Live takeover, Dr. Doireann will be elaborating on the following five handy tips for protecting your skin this summer:

Wear SPF all year round

Prevents sun damage to skin and reduces the risk of skin cancers like melanoma. SPF is the first step to healthy, youthful skin.

Avoid midday sun

The sun is highest in the sky and UV rays are most powerful between approximately 11am and 3pm.

Wear sunglasses

Sunglasses with UV protection are important because you can get skin cancer of the eye.

Cover your shoulders

Don’t leave your shoulders exposed to the sun. Light-weight cotton cover-ups can be the perfect way to protect your skin.

Reapply SPF

Don’t forget to reapply SPF regularly and be careful to reapply after swimming if on holidays.

Lidl’s Cien sun cream range is available now in the retailer’s 163 stores.