Don’t let the weather beat your exercise routine

The worst part of exercising in the rain and cold is actually finding the motivation to step outside.

Unfortunately, the Irish weather is not one for too many clear skies so it’s time to beat the weather blues and get back out there.

Dress appropriately
Remember: “there is no such thing as bad weather, only inadequate clothing.” So, with that in mind, layer up before going out. Gloves, head band and base layer are great but don’t forget that your body will warm up as you train so leave the scarf at home.

Check the weather
Just because it’s a mini storm out now doesn’t mean it will still be there later. If things are to clear up just push your training back a few hours. Simple.

Use your head
Unless your usual route is covered in ice or there is a hurricane blowing outside, you should be fine; but, always think about where you are going and change it to suit the weather.

If all else fails…
If it’s not clearing and you really can’t bear to get wet, head to a gym. You will feel so much better for making the effort.

Now ignore the snow and get out there.