Does your man love taking selfies? You may want to read on…


Put the selfie stick down…forever. A study conducted by academics at Ohio State University has shown that men who take selfies have higher than average traits psychopathic tendencies…eek! Quick, someone tell James Franco! Although we have a feeling he may already know…

The research was conducted on 800 men between the ages of 18-40 showed that those who loved to post and edit their selfies online had high narcissistic traits than those who do not do so.

Professor Jesse Fox spoke about the findings, saying: “We know that self-objectification leads to a lot of terrible things, like depression and eating disorders in women. With the growing use of social networks, everyone is more concerned with their appearance. That means self-objectification may become a bigger problem for men, as well as for women.”

No need to worry about your boy’s camera habits just yet however, as although a number of the men in the study did receive a higher than average score on narcissistic and psychopathic characteristics, these scores were still within the normal ranges of human behaviour. Phew!