Do you exfoliate?


Most ladies are aware of the fact that they need to regularly exfoliate their skin, but many don’t know why they should.

Dead cells can make the face look tired, so regular exfoliation can actually transform your skin’s dull, sad appearance.

It is important that you remove these dead cells to encourage those cells below to replenish, making the surface of the skin look fresh.

They can also clog up pores resulting in blackheads and spots, which nobody wants.

While you may believe that your cleansing and toning regime is second to none, if you have a layer of dead skin on your face you won’t be able to truly cleanse.

You only need to add it to your skincare regime one or twice a week, depending on your skin type. If your skin is sensitive, you should only do it once a week, as it may irritate it or make it dry. Make sure you include your neck and chest area.

If you’re about to tell us that your budget won’t allow for more products, we’re telling you that there are DIY options. Adding sugar to your cleansing cream is the perfect way to give your skin a good exfoliation. 

You don’t have an excuse now, so start scrubbing.