Did SJP just confirm those Sex and the City 3 rumours?


Sex and the City fans everywhere got some good news last week, after Jennifer Hudson sneakily revealed that a Sex and the City 3 film might be in the pipeline.

Jennifer, who played Carrie's assistant in the first movie, admitted in an interview that the possibility of a third instalment had been discussed.

We were reluctant to believe the news until we heard it from a more reliable source though – and who's more reliable than Carrie Bradshaw herself?

Yep, Sarah Jessica Parker seems to be getting excited about a sequel too, if her Twitter exchange with fellow SATC star Kristin Davis is anything to go by.

Things kicked off when Kristin tweeted Sarah Jessica to say she missed her, to which the star replied:

Kristin wasn't giving anything away – but it all sounded very positive:

Much as we'd love to see the girls back on our screens though, we hope that the third film won't be quite as ridiculous as SATC 2…

Let's keep it to New York this time, okay?!